Lean Six Sigma White Belt

Online training

Online live training 

Lean Six Sigma is fact based problem solving, used in many areas to secure sustainable improvements.

The five step methodology includes tools and techniques applied in projects.

In this training we will cover three major parts to get you started on your journey towards excellence.

Part 1:

Identify and select appropriate improvement opportunities to secure maximum outcome.

Define a Lean Six Sigma project.

Part 2:

Use the five phases of the Lean Six Sigma methodology to run a project.

Part 3:

Secure a sustainable result at take the next step in improving  your business.

This training focuses on securing sustainable results in a Lean Six Sigma project.

After the training you will know how to identify, select and kick off a project.

You will know how to conduct a root cause analysis and identify waste in you process.

You will be comfortable in the five steps of Lean Six Sigma.


Downloadable material and templates


The training is created by Pernilla Pihl, Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

She completed more than 10 projects herself and coached over 100 belts (project managers) in several different areas of business.

She is training all levels of Lean Six Sigma and is highly appreciated for her ability to make Lean Six Sigma practical and easy.